Banda Recreio Camponês

The Countryman Recreation Band was born on the first of December of 1910 in Câmara de Lobos, with about ten musicians. Nowadays, its structure holds more than 50 elements between men and women.

Since its foundation, in the last 90 years, continuously, there were only three leaders. The first one, JOÃO ORNELAS ABREU, leaded the band on the initial 54 years of the bands life until 1971. He was replaced by Music Sergeant Chef JOÃO FIGUEIRA QUINTAL who guided the group between 1971 till 2000. Since that year until the present time, the band is being conducted by Music first sergeant NÉLIO DE FREITAS SILVA.

The Countryman Recreation Band, more acquainted as “ New Band” has been requested to perform all around the Island. Carrying the name of the Autonomic Region of Madeira, took part on several band festivals in the Continental territory, with the highlight point in the “Portalegre Bands Meeting”, in 1989. Afterwards, in 1997, on the Azores Islands, participated in the Fenais da Luz Festival Band and in Lisbon at the Madeira day in the worldwide Expo 98. Later on, in 2007, revisiting Azores, participated in interchange with the Nossa Senhora da Estrela Lira Band.

The Band has is own headquarters, with a music school that holds an average of 30 students. This institution has been in the last 100 years, stimulating the musical art and entertainment according to the interests of its associates and the general population, contributing to the development of the music in the Autonomic Region of Madeira, achieving the status of “Public Utility”by its Government.